Project supervision

Project supervision is a service offered by a designer to manage the execution of a renovation or remodeling project.
Everyone who has ever done a renovation or new construction project knows that bringing your vision to life is no easy feat.

Despite having a well-designed plan, changes often happen during construction, such as falling in love with a different bed or finding out that the wallpaper color in two batches is different. And this is totally normal.

The designer's role is to assess the impact of these changes, find alternatives and adjust the design project accordingly. What can be offered as a replacement? What and where can be moved?

With my project supervision, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your renovation will be flexibly managed and executed, ultimately saving you time and money.
What is included in the project supervision?
Сonstruction site visits
4 times per month
— Monitoring the implementation according to the interior design project
— Addressing arising contractors' questions and ensuring seamless coordination between different contractors

Visits to showrooms and manufacturers
— Selection of specific finishes
— Getting the color swatches and testing the samples in the actual space and at different times of day
— Visits to manufacturers' facilities (e.g. custom furniture manufacturing, mirrors, lights).

Making edits to the design project during construction
No construction project goes without design adjustments, and it is important to take this into account at every stage as the consequences can be costly.
Project supervision is the key to your peace of mind during the construction.
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